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When you need dental surgery trust Dr. Ollock and the Ollock Dental Group to give you the expert, pain FREE care you deserve.

Emergency dentistry

Dentistry for all ages

Trust the Ollock Dental Group with your routine dental care at any age or place in life. Enjoy expert care and attention for your regular tooth cleanings as well as pain-free composite fillings that look just like natural teeth and cosmetic dentistry, as well as dental implants and crowns.


Prevent painful and costly procedures with regular checkups and cleanings. Trust Ollock Dental Group to catch cavities while they are small and easy to correct. Our hygienists will teach you how you can better take care of your teeth and mouth.

When your teeth start to hurt it means that something is seriously wrong. There is a deep infection or an invisible crack in one of your teeth and it has exposed the nerve.


When you're in pain, call Dr. Ollock. Get that tooth removed, cavity filled or root canal drilled by the Ollock Dental Group. You'll love the way that your mouth feels.

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